Strategic Sales Training and Management

Become a qualified sales executive

Use your qualified sales executive certificate along with your CV to find new job opportunities.

For companies - provide career progression and get more from your sales teams

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Step 1 - Assess your sales knowledge - take the exam

Then take the sales training and learn on line at your convenience. Learn proven scientific methods to sell more and more often, and keep regular sales and avoid bad months, find, qualify, and close more deals.


Step 2 - Analyse the exam results, and make a plan to focus areas to improve

The exam results provide a report of the questions which the person had incorrect, and the % achievement on the exam. Analyzing your results helps you quicklly see where you have some positive areas of improvement to focus on. Not Sure? Email us for a free trial!

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Alternatively, request specialised training specifically for your own company and products!

Help us to study your own ideal customer profile to increase your % of closed deals, build your own sales funnel to help sales people plan their time, improve your forecasting and enable your sales people to understand your unique selling points, product features, advantages, and benefits. Click Here and email us with your company website and any product information and we will contact you with a proposal based on your specific requirements.
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Packages we offer

If you pay for 5 or 10 people, they will be able to create their own user name and password, complete the training, and get a certificate. You can see their exam results - competition is good.

1 Person


  • This package gives full access to all of our training material as well as access to the interactive exam and certificate. For 1 person only.
5 People


  • This package gives all the features of the single package but also allows you to create four additional unique accounts.
10 People
Best Value


  • This package gives all the features of the single package but also allows you to create nine additional unique accounts.


  • This package gives all the features of the single package available at a student price. Must have University Student account.

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