Training Syllabus - Table of Contents

Herein are the 8 chapters of the training syllabus.

The first two are provided free of charge, so that you can try before you buy. The remainder of the coursework, including the training exam and Sales Professional Certificate are only available to customers who registered on the pricing page.

1. Investigate Our Features and Benefits

The first step is to analyze your company and products, and to use that information to define your Ideal Customer Profile. This ensures we will focus on suitable prospects and vastly increases our probabilities of success.

2. Planning

Next we specify our own personal sales objective and prepare a plan to achieve it.

3. How We Do It

Then we analyze the personalised company sales procedure for the product including sales value, number of prospects we require, and how to get new leads.

4. Map Where We Are Now

Learn to understand where we are in the sales cycle, and how to progress the sale forward through your own defined procedure.

5. Qualifying

Improving your qualification methods by learning how the prospect will buy, implement, use, and gauge the success of using your product.

6. Why Should They Buy?

Analyze why the prospect should buy the product, and build a Return On Investment and Breakeven analysis to prove it.

7. Time Management Principles

Improve on your use of time. Get more out of your day.

8. Application of Time Management

Apply your time management in your day to day activities.

Finish: Sales Training Exam