About us


Salesqualifications.net provides a certificate to prove our trained sales people understand and can utilise proven scientific methods for selling strategy and tactics including forecasting, building pipeline, and closing.

Our organisation is managed by a group of veteran sales professionals from a range of industries. The management team has spent many years in international sales and marketing working with the leading computer hardware and software companies including EMC, HP, IBM, Dell, and many others.

Our mission is to help sales people sell more, help companies employ sales people with qualifications, help companies train their sales people, and help improve the quality of sales generally.

Our unique method enables companies to analyse their sales people's existing capabilities, and then implement a plan to improve. It is simple yet elegant and effective.

About The Authors

SalesQualifications.net has been produced by very experienced sales people, sales managers, and qualified sales training people. This site is primarily focused on the sales tactics and strategies for selling business to business, and utilising experience gained from working inside the world's largest and most successful companies selling high value and complex solutions, and involving numerous decision makers within the customers.