People are all different and driven by different wants and needs, have different hobbies, social interests etc. and this means that they need to be addressed accordingly. Having empathy for the people we work with means understanding what their interests are and what their personal gain is from the product we represent. Understanding more about the people we work with will enable us to provide them with the kind of information and benefits which they are interested in.

Are we paying attention to the prospect's personality?

The individuals making the buying decisions can usually be classified as one of these personalities. Identifying their buyer personality type will help you to communicate, and influence the buyer to acting towards making the purchasing decision. Think about the buyer type and speak to them making reference to things reflecting their own specific buyer personality. Identifying and communicating with the buyer personality will win business.

Each of these types of individuals play a different role in the buying process, and we need to understand the different roles of the individuals, and their personal benefits from our product. Are we getting the right message across? Its no use stressing the corporation's benefits to a user of our product if they are only interested in their personal job and getting by. Likewise, ease of use for our users may not provide the senior decision maker the justification to proportion budget for our product.

We need to zoom into the role of the individual and their personal interests before we can sell and that means asking lots of questions to find out their hot buttons. (what makes them interested)


The intuitor speculates, imagines and envisions. They must perceive your product as an instrument for accomplishing their long range goal and master plan.


The thinker rationalizes, deduces, analyzes, and weighs options. They must perceive your product as proved, tested and reliable, reflective of their own analytical judgment.


The feeler empathizes, remembers, reacts, and relates. They must perceive you as a personally. They buy based on judgments of people.


The sensor makes decisions on that their own senses tell them about your product right now. They are striving, driving and competing to get that edge. They must perceive your product as providing them with a tool to win their game.