Investigate Our Features and Benefits

Step one is to ensure we are focusing on the right kind of market and customer. This will increase the probability of success and therefore produce the best possible results for our efforts. How do we know if we are focusing on the right kind of prospect? Are we targeting the right individuals who are decision makers, people who influence the decision, and who stand to benefit from the product?

Each of these types of individuals play a different role in the buying process, and we need to understand the different roles of the individuals, and their personal benefits from our product. Are we getting the right message across? Its no use stressing the corporation's benefits to a user of our product if they are only interested in their personal job and getting by. Likewise, ease of use for our users may not provide the senior decision maker the justification to proportion budget for our product.

We need to zoom into the role of the individual and their personal interests before we can sell and that means asking lots of questions to find out their hot buttons. (what makes them interested)

We will break this down into 3 initial tasks as follows:

Ideal Customer Profile

Define the kind of prospects we should look for, and use this exercises to prioritize prospects.

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Decision Maker Types

Identify and analyze the Decision Makers involved in every complex sale.

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Buyer Personalities

Buyers can be classified into personality types which affects their decision making. Understanding and playing to the different buyer personalities will increase your effectiveness.

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