Decision Makers

Identify & work the 4 Decision Maker types

Position yourself with decision makers and avoid others.

Decision Maker Types

There are only 4 decision maker types in every sale. The salesperson must search out and find each of these decision maker types and understand which decision maker type has how much influence on the decision itself.

1)Final Decision Maker (also referred to as the Economic Buyer)

2)User Decision Maker (also referred to as the User Buyer)

3)Specifyer (also referred to as the Technical Buyer)

4)Sponsor (also referred to as the Coach)


Final Decision Maker Characteristics:

    The person who can authorize spending

    Gives final approval for purchasing the product and authorizes release of funds.

    Can say yes to everybody else's no, and no to everybody else's yes. Has the ultimate buying power.

    There is only 1 in any sale and he/she is difficult to identify. People will claim to be this decision maker without having the authority.

    He/she has an ROI (Return On Investment) mentality. (Further explained later in the training)

    To help you identify if the person you are speaking with is truly the Final Decision Maker, ask this question; "Are there any others involved in the final go ahead"

If you're having difficulty accessing the Final Decision Maker, here are some techniques to try;

    Map your own company management into the prospect organization (President's like talking to Presidents)

    References - Organise lunch with another industry

    Final Decision Maker who is favourable towards you

    Executive Briefings - augment knowledge and leverage with unbiased 3rd party, complimentary suppliers

    Use Guru's - industry experts with product independent and unbiased, consultative advice

User Characteristics

    The people who will use the product or service you're selling.

    He/She evaluates the impact of the product on the job to be done.

    There are often many of these, and they like ease of use, saving time, and user type benefits.

    They are very easy to identify and are easily accessible because they want the product's results.

    These people often hold budgets although they don't have authority to release funds.

Specifyer Or Technical Buyer Characteristics

    The people who evaluate products being considered and recommend suitable suppliers

    Their role is evaluate suppliers and to screen out unsuitable products/suppliers.

    They often come up with no as an answer

    There are usually several of these

    They judge measurable and quantifiable aspects of the product and the result of implementing it.

    They make recommendations not decisions. Can't say yes, but can say no!

Sponsor or Coach

    The people working at the prospect company, who will help us win the sale and provide help with identifying other decision makers, levels of influence of each, etc.

    You should always have at least one of these - ideally the Financial Decision Maker, but usually they are the User Buyers because the User Buyers want a product.

    This person guides you through your sale and provides advice and feedback.

    You must have good credibility with the coach.

    The coach has credibility with the prospect decision makers.

The coach wants you to succeed.